Some users can log in, some get "session expired"" error

Using version Version 7.11.15, I am getting a strange issue – but only with one of my users (still testing, so not many users yet). When they log in, they get an error that says “You have been logged out because your session has expired.” and “You must specify a valid username and password.” – however, I have checked/changed the password and the user/pass is correct.

Also – and I am not sure if this is related – when I try to use the rest password, I get an error: “System is unable to process your request. Please contact the system administrator.”

I checked email settings, and the test message came through fine.
I did the quick repair and it didn’t help.

Any thoughts as to what else I should look into?

First are foremost, are you testing on a local machine or over the internet on a server?
Can you change your browser and internet (sometimes dynamic ip causes this).
You can disable IP validation for users from Admin ->System settings then uncheck Validate user IP address

It is on a live server. I unchecked the Validate user IP and no change.

Thanks for the idea though.

BTW, I created a new user, and had the same problem – so I don’t think it is a cache issue.

Go to Admin->User Management

Then edit that said user and make sure status is Active

More info here:



Definitely active (was the first thing I checked).
Also, all new users are automatically active as well, yes? Because the same issue happened to the new user. Not sure how I can log in just fine though — all settings and everything are identical.

Heck, I duplicated the user account that is working correctly and change the user/pass and that didn’t work either. Seems like I am the only user account that can log in.

Two further possible causes of this:

  • hard disk is full

  • unable to write to session.save_path (check where it is in Admin / Diagnostics / phpinfo)

Have you tried the “Flush your browser cache” (Shift F5 in chrome) for the users. This sometimes helps.

Oh and one other thought, I recall a while back there was an issue where SuiteCRM wasn’t writing the password to the database properly for new users. If you’re familiar with PHPMyAdmin, you can add an MD5 hash password manually, just to rule out this issue.