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Some QOL modification on v7.12.4

Hello guys,
So, I would like to make some minor modifications on crm but not familiar with how to make that work, every suggestion would be appreciated! (Any of the following could be a feature already and i could be not aware of that, so sorry in advance in that case, or if i failed at googling and the modifications are already posted somewhere).

  1. First one would be the address sugar field in the quotes. I found a couple of posts on how to mod that one but i failed, not sure why, i added a vardef, label and changed the edit/detailview.tpl as suggested here (Add district into address - #5 by cloudcon) but my field is blank.
    In my case i don’t need the state and country of the address sugar field (removed them successfully) and i would like to add the office_phone in there.

  2. Second thing is, when you open an account you redirected to DetailView, in that case the browser’s tab name is " Account_name >> Suitecrm_name" but when you click edit and you go to the EditView the browser’s tab name is “Suitecrm_name”. Any way to change the EditView’s tab name to be the same as in the DetailView?

  3. I have some Reports that give me the results of some searching like IF(X AND ( Y OR Z) ) = date_entered THEN sends the account names and the dates of Y and Z to the report. Could the result that passed the IF (for instance, in case we had Y=23/11/2022 and Z=5/2/2021 and the date_entered=23/11/2022 then we would want Y) be highlighted or maybe bold?

4)Last one, is there any way to have the additional info that appears on i (in the end of the rows of the ListView) to appear when you hover over an account name in the ListView?

That’s all guys, i know it’s a lot and many/most/all of them hard to achieve but please any tip or snippet would be insanely helpful. Maybe there is a module that could help with any of those and i haven’t thought/known about it yet.

Also, i think all of those would be nice additions in general to the core files of the SuiteCRM, so that post could be suggestion post too.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Bump up to get noticed :sweat_smile:

Help us help you… It would take about 2 hours to answer your post… I suggest posting about each issue separately, and be more technical, say your versions, what you tried, where you got stumped. I think this will increase your odds of getting engagement from others in the Community.

Ok, will do separate posts, thought that one with all the questions would be a better option to be honest.
About the version, it is up there in the title tho and i don’t know what more details to share. I mean, i wrote exactly what i wanna accomplish and what i tried.