Some Of My Records Suddenly Got Missing


Need An urgent help. Regullarly we were using the suitecrm community edition v 7.11.1 . Suddenly, we found some records missing. All the accounts were empty. Though when checked through database, then I can see all the missing records from leads, Accounts, But unable to see in the suitecrm system.

I have not upgraded it, neither deleted or shifting any hosting.

Any advice.



Do the records in the database have the column “deleted” set as 1 or 0?

Have you confirmed if the relationships are there also? For example, for a Contact to appear under accounts, it needs to be connected by an entry in accounts_contacts table.

Run a QR & R and scroll down to the bottom to see if it has a button to sync database with vardefs. If there is, press it.

And always check your logs when troubleshooting.


Appreciate your quick response. As said, I have checked and found that in delete column,
all the records which I am not able to see has marked 1.

Quick Repair, I have already done before but hard luck on it and its synced, at last it displays Database tables are synced with vardefs.

Now I didn’t understand, how ths records get deleted ?



If I were you I would immediately take a back-up of the whole database and deactivate all the purge schedulers in the system otherwise you may not recover anything!

There is a (currently free) plugin from Outright CRM to undelete record:

Maybe you can try it, but first take a full back-up!!!

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Please feel free to use this free plugin for restoring “accidentally” removed records.
You need to be “admin” user to restore selected records.

Feel free to message me if you feel any issue.


Thanks for your suggestions.