Some mail format problem

Hello I got several little problems with email sent from suiteCRM

  1. For the change password I got an email like this :

You recently requested on 2014-06-15 12:54:24 to be able to reset your account password.

Click on the link below to reset your password:

1-1) it is sent in TXT format and not on HTML format, users can’t click on the URL
1-2) the liine is truncated …

  1. I am french and I receive the mail correctly trasnlated frome test mail( In installed Sugarcrm french package language) but the ’ characters are coded ’ all the other accentued characters are coded fine.

  2. when I send a test mail I got a ridiculous small popu window marked undefined



Hi Gilles,

Thanks for highlighting this. The password reset functionality is something we hope to refine for future SuiteCRM releases.