Some help for Workflow...

First, i’m a french guy (hi !), this is important as i may not have the exact word (correctly translated) for my question :slight_smile:

So, i would like to create a workflow : when an email is sent to a contact with the subject containing “BAT”, i would like to set up a task “check if i have received an answer from the customer” 3 days later.

I am trying to do this for days now…

I tried with the module email.
This works quite well but i cannot link the task to the customer : i have a task to remind me to check the “BAT” but as i dont have the task linked to the customer account, it is useless.

Then, i have tried to take the Account module and use as the condition “emails:emails” (in each try, i use a condition like : if the subject contains “bat”) to see if the action “create new record” for task is then linked to the customer account.
No success : in this second situation, the condition seems to be never triggered and i have no tasks created.

I also read on some site to use the emails module and link to the customer module with “contact name -> field -> contact” but I can’t see the value “contact” in the dropdown !!

So, my question is :

  • where can i find several examples to help me to understand how to create records linked to a customer in example (to avoid to have some record without any link to a customer) (i have found several example for SugarCRM but this is not the same…)
  • If somebody could help me to understand how to achieve my simple workflow (but not so simple for me indeed…)

Thanks for any possible help :slight_smile:


Hi again,
As i get no answer, maybe i have to explain more what i have and what is the result :
In screenshot 1 to 3, you can see my test workflow.
(i did not assigned to “me”, that is only for the test to explain).

Then i send an email to a customer with the subject “BAT TEST xxxxx”. (i do not paste the screenshot : useless to explain :wink:

In the process audit, the workflow have been processed : nice ! (screenshot 5)

Yes… but the task is not linked to the customer… : not contact name shown… (my issue here !) (screenshot6).

So, my question is : how to link this task to the customer linked in the email…

I am missing something simple for you but i cannot find how to link this task to the user (at least to have a link to the customer page, otherwise i have a task “check !” but no clue to know what to check :slight_smile:
I could also imagine to put as the subject of the task the subject of the email but i dont see the best way to retrieve this in the workflow…

I also search the forum here and the net, but no more clue for me…

I hope i have explain correctly my question :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,
First, nice change for the forum !!!

Do i have to complete this thread ? Is there something missing in my question to help me ?

Thanks for your answer(s) :slight_smile: