[SOLVED] create document from sub panel - no user assigned


opportunity -> document sub-panel ->
if i create a document in the basic panel the result will be a creation of document without a user assigned to this document
so the user cant see this document in the opportunity sub-panel or in the documents module screen , admin user can see the document created without a user assigned to it .

if the user use the full form of the document creation its working as it should work

any suggestion how to fix it ?

another bug that i think is the same issue is:

an employee left the company and i want to move all his opportunities accounts and contacts to another employee
so im filtering by username and then mass update and then changing the assigned user
the problem is all related records like documents not changing owner and stay assigned to the old user

Actually you need to put the field Assigned to in your quick create layout from studio.
Then it will automatically filled with logged-in user.

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By default it won’t carry forward the relational data. Either you create a script to assign from old user to new user of those modules. or if it for specific user to specific user. You update the tables directly in database. for example All record of assigned to X to Y. then run update query assigned_user id of X to Y.

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Team Urdhva Tech

Hi , thank you from your reply
looks like it is as you say but still doesn’t work properly

Screenshot suggest you have added fields in Opportunity module quick create view.
You have to add it to the documents module. so When you create document from subpanel you will have field in quick create which will be auto filled with logged-in user.

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Tam Urdhva Tech

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oooo you are fast :blush:
i wanted to post that i didn’t understood you right

thanks its working

about moving data from one user to another i think ill open new post read how other people deal with this

Yes that’s good option.