Solution for managing customer debts

Hi all,
At the end of month. I created many bills to sent customer inlcuded (Bill number, Quote, Quanity, Price, Tax, Amount). Can you please help me:

  1. Have any SuiteCRM module for Debt Managermnet?
  2. I want to print bill (allow select many bill from Listview SuiteCRM per a customer). I do not know how to do that.
  3. I want to manage payment of customer. What is solution for this?
    Thanks a lot!

Maybe you can:
. create a custom module with payments (date, amount, and a relationship wiith invoice)
. add a flag with three possible values in invoice (maybe you could do it with a radio button). 0 = nothing paid; 1 = partially paid; 2 = fullty paid

In this way you can allow for payments in multiple instalments of different amounts

Now you have to find a way to automatically set the flag. Probably you can do it with one or more combined workflows so that each time that you enter a payment it will check the status and the amount paid so far and set the flag accordingly.

Additionally (or alternatively) you may create another custom field in invoices called “balance due” in which, through a workflow you set the amount left to be paid.

As I am not sure that you can achieve all you need with a workflow, you may achieve all this for sure with a custom logic hook. However this solution would require some php coding.

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Thank you,
I have created 2 new custom module are Debt and Payment.

  • Debt (Bill number, Quote, Customer (relationship with Customer Table), Bill Date, Due Date, Quanity, Price, Tax, Amount, Paid)
  • Payment (Bill number (relattionship with Debt), Payment Date, Sender, Quote, Amount Paid, Status (0 - Unpaid, 1 - Partially Paid, 2 - Paid))
    Firstly, I want to say thank you because using “Workflow” for caculate automatically Amount Paid when customer payed paid, i think it very usefull for me. Secondly, i want to you recomend me a solution for print bill to sent all my customers. Details is I have one or many bill per a customer, on the List view Debt, i want to select one or some bill and then I want to click Print button for export all bill selected to Printer and i hope that bill information with print template.

I am not very familiar with the usage of the templates. However I think you can achieve all you need. May with a Report you can collect all the required information. You have to do some trial and error until you find the best solution.

I hope that someone more knowledgeable on this topic gives you a more precise hint on this.

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We have an Add-on (DocParser) that can mail merge from a basic and custom module and print out pdf or word documents.
And also allow bulk download from listView to parser document dynamically based on a selected template.

You may have look here : DocParser

Thank you,
Please help me how to download and use Add-on DocParser? is it free for every one?

You can find subscription detail from the website itself. It is available on SuiteCRM store.

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