Softaculous SuiteCRM

I am SUPER green when it comes to SuiteCRM, but I did read about the latest version 7.11.1 so I was going to attempt upgrading, BUT I used Softaculous (in my cPanel) to add SuiteCRM to my wordpress site. When I logged into my cPanel and went to my SuiteCRM app - it looks like I’m running v7.10.11 - but the latest app version available is 7.10.13.

My question is:

Do I just upgrade to the .13 or is there some way I’m supposed to get the 7.11.1 version?

If you don’t know about the code, hosting and you are not a technical person, and it is a fresh install, then i recommend you to use the version “7.10.11” and don’t update to “7.10.13”. The above both are stable versions so don’t worry at all.
Yet if you know how to set up SuiteCRM from scratch, then “7.10.13” is better.
Link to download 7.10.13 is here

And also never setup the latest released version because that usually includes bugs.

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I’m definitely not techy enough to mess around with upgrading if it’s not necessary. LOVE the platform tho and hope to get more comfortable with it as I use it.

Thanks for your insight!