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Hello to everbody and thanks suitecrm to offer such a cool product.

Being a newby with suiteCRM and a fresh install I want to add existing contants. I have csv fiels with all information neccessary. Before that I need to set up the contact structure for my needs.
Now I wonder how to setup the social media links?
My interest is primarily in storing the urls rather than connect directly to facebook and co.

The optional add ons - do not seem to fulfill exactl ywhat I want.

So as I understand it’s not the connectors I am looking for.
I think I have to add the x fields (fb/tw/li/ etc) to the contacts or rather create 1/n dependencies like prodcuts…

If anyone has any experience or ideas I’d be glad for help


One of our clients had a similar request

Depending if you are storing the URL for the business or the contact

For example

Company facebook = URL field added to Account

Personal Linkedin = URL field added to Contact

Go to admin > Studio > Select module > Fields > Add Field > Field Type = URL

Once added, update the Layouts you need to view the field - ie. Edit, Detail and List view


Hi (Ahmed) and thanks

Yes that’s what I assumed to do,
nevertheless it might be a good idea to have that more variable with a relationship, like you’d do when creating a new database structure.
like sociallink is a table with contact id, socialtool and url … Adding a loop with all added social links in the contact menu and an option to modfiy / add new the next job. But here, and especially for every data import, I guess that would be complicated without beeing a suiteCRm pro


You can create a custom module with SuiteCRM very easily :slight_smile:

Go to admin > Module Builder

  • Create a package “Social Links”
  • +New Module
  • Based on Basic Module

Hit save

Go into the basic module structure and add the fields you want!

URL field
Dropdown “Social Platform”
- Facebook
- Linkedin
- Twitter etc

Once you have all of your fields, deploy the package

This will add it to your CRM, you can then go to Studio and add the relationship to Contacts, Accounts etc

I would advise you go to Contacts module and create a One to Many with Social links

This means when you go to Contact record you will see a subpanel “Social Links” that you can create new ones for

This will add the module and all related database tables you need :slight_smile:

For data import you would need to split the import

Import all contacts into contacts module

When creating the social links module, make sure you tick the importing checkbox!
Import all social links and link to the Contact name :slight_smile:

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thank you so much, that was easy.
Will proceed with the imports and hopefully understand how to…

Hello again,
I seem to have another problem.
I found that when I open the modul in the contact area, I just see the basic fields (Name, assigend to), but not my added fields (select menu for social platform and url). So I went to layout option sof the new package but those links were not working. in the browser console I saw some 404s on cache/…
SO I checked and changed the perms to 775 in that directory. Now all the ‘undefined’ messages turn into some sensful info like … cahngeds succesfully applied or similar…

BUT nevertheless I am not able to open the layout editor for the new package.
No error, but no overlay or new page opening whatsoever…
The only 404 error I get is for a missing icon of the new modul…

Any help?

OK, I found a 502 error in the server logs.
Need to add that I am using nginx instad of apache

I could fix the 502 error with editing the fastcgi_buffer settings in the vhost.

I deployed the newly created package again and it did not show up any errors so far.

But still the layout editor does not load.
I get a 500 server error now, the error in the server log shows teh error beneath

I am getting lost now…

15 FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Declaration of UndeployedMetaDataImplementation::getFileName() must be compatible with AbstractMetaDataImplementation::getFileName($view, $moduleName, $type = MB_CUSTOMMETADATAL
OCATION) in […]/SuiteCRM/modules/ModuleBuilder/parsers/views/UndeployedMetaDataImplementation.php
on line 49” while reading response header from upstream, client: […], server: […], request: “POST /SuiteCRM/index.php?to_pdf=1&sugar_body_only=1&module=ModuleBuilder&MB=true&action=editLayout&view=editview&view_module=Social_links&view_package=Social_Links HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “fastcgi://”,
host: “[…]”, referrer: “[…]/SuiteCRM/index.php?module=ModuleBuilder&action=index&type=mb”

Uff, somebody else found the error…