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So where is the SuiteCRM 8?

Does anyone have additional screenshots-teasers of SuiteCRM8?

Hey @acoolov

We are ramping up the info on the Suite 8’s in-n-outs in the coming new year. :slightly_smiling_face:

@samus-aran will stay version 8 on PHP as Backend and Angular mvc as Frontend ? or you’ll leave away from PHP with new SuiteCMR 8 architecture in the medium term ?

I saw that

SuiteCRM 8 functionality will be released iteratively throughout 2020. From a technology perspective, the introduction of a new Core framework will result in the deprecation of all residual SugarCRM contributions from the codebase leaving a leaner and more maintainable application.

Are there any updates on SuiteCRM 8? I’m checking weekly.

Will there be a beta release soon?


Was just wondering the same. It’s awfully hard to get news on if we’ll get SuiteCRM 8 any time this decade

Another thread on same topic

does anyone know anything new yet?

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all your comments, I, personally, am working on pulling together an official thread to help tackle misinterpreted or false information being shared. I am looking to get this done this week or latest next.

I appreciate your patience on this and look forward to having thorough discussions on the newer thread once created.

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Thank you very much for your answer and I am already looking forward to the thread. I must admit that I am like a child waiting for Santa Claus with the presents :heart_eyes: :santa: :christmas_tree: :gift:

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it seems this will not be there before X-Mas anyway … so santa clause might not be a bad option to wait for. Or did I miss this new promised thread that was supposedly created some time ago?

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Any update? Gimme some teasers at least lol

Is there still no offical update on this?

Afternoon all, I know @samus-aran was working on getting you guys some info however we are stretched like many atm with the current world crisis. As soon as this info is available we’ll be sure to get it heading your way! :+1:

Yeah, be safe with stay at home, however any single update will help us to know about long roads, it is second quarter of the year!

Hi everyone

Kind of redundant with all the excitation around Suite v8, but I would reaaaally appreciate some kind of communication about what is going on: is there a major / minor problem? Will the release be delayed a few days / weeks / months ?
Personnaly I have to start new implementation projects, and I need to decide this week if I can wait for the brand new foxy SuiteCRM or if I have to implement with the actual LTS.

Really, any kind of communication about what is goind on !
Many thanks, and stay safe everyone


At this point, I prefer to assume it will never be released and I use the current version to deliver solutions to my customers. You cannot wait until SalesAgility decides to let the community see a demo or the code to know the real progress of the project. Also we don’t know what the real intentions are behind the secrecy (NOT ACCUSING, just fearing the Sugar scenario is repeating itself)

@salesagility Thanks for all the good work and effort you put into this project, but remember, it was you guys the ones who announced the new version. We are just anxious to see what these new big release is going to bring.



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I agree with @BrozTechnologies in that I would just go with the current LTS or latest current stable, depending on the case. Even if V8 previews were released this month it would still take a lot of time to mature to production-grade, let a lone all the 3rd party customizations if such would be used (I assume at least UI elements will need updating). So I think that even if @salesagility were able to release something soon it’ll be 2021 before V8 is ready for serious production.

Personally I think it’s better to do it properly the first time and not rush it out unfinished, so I’m not complaining, although I admit I would like to see the codebase’s current status even if it’s still in an unusable state.


Thanks for your feedback, I mostly agree, though I strongly believe the choice of v7 / v8 depends on the client context and the difficulty of upgrading a custom development. For some clients, if this is a new implementation, if there is a lot of custom in areas deeply changed in v8, the balance cost / quality could be in favor of the v8 + close monitoring of operations.

That is why we need to understand what is going on, not necessary play with the beta but just not being kept in the dark…

EDIT : to emphasize what you say @BrozTechnologies, this kind of omerta is often used by proprietary software editors…

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I agree and am myself a little worried about how hard the upgrading to v8 is going to be for customizations and addons in general. We have actuall decided to hold back further internal development until v8 is out unless absolutely necessary to avoid doing futile work now.

However I’d still think that waiting for v8 to come would be feasible only if client is very patient, since it is will be hard to predict any timeline. It might very well be another year before we have a production-ready new version with all the necessary customizations ready and/or updated. So unless clients are prepared to wait for an indeterminate (and possibly quite a long) time before implementation can begin, I’d go with current stable versions.