So how does email IMAP works with SuiteCRM?

Hello guys, I lousing Suite CRM, I started doing so this year on February and so far so good with it but i had never configured my email in the Suite CRM since my organization works with google apps for work and I send all my emails throw the chrome browser. Recently I just wanted to do that in order to be able to send emails directly from the Suite CRM attaching any info related to, you know, leads, accounts and contacts directly but when i was configuring the email that started importing like 5000 emails and I got like, freak out, so I wanna know, whas that creating a copy of all my emails on my server? Because I don´t want that to happen, I just want to be able to SEND emails, I don´t need all my emails occupying valuable space on my precious server.

All answers and explanations will be really appreciated.

I too am just trying out IMAP. It appears that email header info is stored in Emails table but not full email text I think unless it is related to a CRM record. But still many people have thousands of emails so it is going to bloat the Emails table and I wonder what long-term performance is like?

I’m also seeing strange behavior where if you send email from SuiteCRM it doesn not show up in Sent Folder on Gmail side, only on CRM side even though sent folder is specified in the Inbound Email setup for the Gmail account.

I am searching for posts about IMAP and it seems there are few, and what I am finding is those threads I have found have no replies. This is disturbing. I am wondering if SuiteCRM is dying or if just no one hardly uses IMAP email functionality?

Same issue , email imap occupying 6gb of disk space daily…!

Have you people got this resolved??? any idea???