SMTP Undefined Error when sending email

I configured my email settings for my SMTP mail server. When I go to send a test email I get a popup with an error that says “An email error occurred:SMTP connect() failed.” I am able to send and receive emails with this address and mail server outside of Suite CRM just fine, so I’m not sure why I’m getting this error. I have double checked that my ports and user/password are correct. This is an email account that I set up through cPanel on the domain where the CRM is hosted. I visited the github link that came with the error but did not find any information that could help me because I do not use GoDaddy.

Additionally, I tried to test sending an email from a personal account on the CRM and got SMTP undefined errors when doing so. I’m assuming it’s related to the above issue, but I’m just not really sure.

Is there something I’m missing here?

Have you enabled SMTP at your Email server side?? Like if you using Gmail you have to enable “Allow Less Secure Apps”. Same thing can be there to make it enable at your Email server end. If you contact with your hosting provider that will be good. As some hosting providers do not really like this to allow SMTP connect.