smtp server configuration seems not working


Im a new user of suitecrm and installed suitecrm via softaculous. After that installation i tried to configure the smtp server. I tried it with office365 server and with gmail but when trying to send a testmail a popup appears with "performing task: moment please"but nothing happens. Also the filled out info in the fields seems not captured.

Question: how to use suitecrm together with office365. Is it possible? Do i need some plugin or do i have to change some settings somewhere?

If the performing task popup shows but doesn’t connect or complete that would suggest incorrect credentials.

SuiteCRM won’t work with Office 365 out of the box but should work with exchange server.



hi , Thanks for reply but i also tried gmail and i am pretty sure i use the right credetials.

Is this issue resolved? Have you found a solution to this problem. I’m also encountering the same issue.