SMTP Error

Dears SuiteCRM Support,

I need your help in order to check the below FATAL Err and to explain the reason behind it,
My problem is non-performing the action part for some of the workflows, the issue started earlier noting there is no change has been taken in the system, and all SMTP server configuration, coding, and workflow are untouched during 3 years with no issue in emailing,


Thu Feb 7 12:12:37 2019 [24386][c1821a3b-0950-0f0a-43b0-5a042e06f1f1][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: The following From address failed: [mail address] : Called MAIL FROM without being connected,
Thu Feb 7 12:12:37 2019 [24386][c1821a3b-0950-0f0a-43b0-5a042e06f1f1][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: The following From address failed: [mail address] : Called MAIL FROM without being connected,SMTP server error: Called MAIL FROM without being connected

Kind Regards,
Moumen Al BAik

We have a new SugarPHPMailer version in our recent versions. So that could be causing the difference.

Can you run “composer update” from the root of your SuiteCRM installation please?


Thank you for following up,

could you please share the procedure of running the “composer update” and confirm if there will be any impact since the system is on production?
noting the system Version is 7.4 Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001), does upgrading the system is recommended?

Thank You very much,
Moumen Al Baik

7.4?? Wow…

Forget what I said about Composer. This changes everything.

So I would guess your problem might be some change on your SMTP provider’s side. Likely they just deprecated some old, insecure thing, and since you haven’t upgraded in a looooong time, your SuiteCRM is too far behind.

I do recommend upgrading. You are missing on literally hundreds of security fixes, your system is currently extremely insecure. There are also new features and thousands of bug fixes.

I also bet you’re running a very old PHP. This also adds a bunch of security vulnerabilities and multiple other problems.

Upgrading SuiteCRM would allow you to upgrade your PHP to 7.2, which by itself brings a lot of performance gains.

To consider upgrading you need to try things first on a test server and make sure your customizations work and that the upgrades (plural) are successful - you will need to do it in more than one step.

I know its too old,

But I follow every tiny piece of the development cycle of SuiteCRM since 2014 and I have a deep look on the project codes, there is no mail bug which caused the system to failed to send an email for a couple of hours and then, the process audit is out of errors for 5 days!!!??
and I do confirm this FATAL log is related to disabling an insecure function from SMTP server

for the security behavior: It’s insecure to share the system with release 7.4, since the system requirement design I was decided to keep the system to be accessible within our local environment just.

for performance gain, I agree with you.

I’m planning now to upgrade the system, I thought to clone the system to another server and upgraded it to the primary one will still in production with no risk.
Before this, I will try to use another (Well-Known) SMTP server in order to track the issue more.

What you think about this ?

Thank you on advanced,

I agree that upgrading is a good idea, and using a test server to try out the migration first is also a must.