SMTP Error:connect() failed.

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I observed many posts are created with the same issue (SMTP email outbound configuration issue (Error:SMTP connect() failed. irrespective of the version it was reporting) and there are few suggestions too which we already tried but there is no success with the suggested fixes. In fact there are many people are facing a major hurdle. because every thing was blocked. no one are getting any email notification. if any one can concentrate on this major bug and could try to resolve this issue then it would be very great full

It seems that no one cares.
This is showstopper, which unfortunately makes Suite CRM unusable, especially in case, when obviously no one knows, what is real reason of this bug

There are several forum posts addressing this issue. This is usually down to incorrect detail, permission or the mail server.
What mail server are you using? Have you granted all the appropriate permissions for that?

Cameron is correct!

Please talk to your Web Host, so as to get the correct SMTP server, port, ssl etc.

Yesterday, I also faced the similar situation, which might have been generated because of either incorrect security certificate at the shared host, or some PHP upgrade or anything else.

Well, the moment I changed the SMTP host it started working fine.

NOTE that my SMTP configurations were working just fine for last 2+ years with the same host. But lately I observed that I was simply not receiving some emails from my website. I simply check the server using cPanel and replaced the old SMTP host.

Thus my advice is to please contact your Web Host.

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SuiteCRM 7.7.8 on Debian

I run my own mail server and concluded SuiteCRM fails the SMTP authentication with SSL.
The only option was to re-configure the mail server to allow unauthenticated email relay from SuiteCRM.
Have been on the forums for a while and didn’t find a solution.

Hope this help others until this issue is solved.

Any ideas what/where to look for?

I think that the configuration of e-mail in general is rather cumbersome.

This has been inherited from SugarCRM though, but it would be nice that the various configuration options are somehow redesigned, potentiated with missing options and made more clear under all aspects.

Additionally there are are a number of things that could be improved in the usage and configuration of email such as, for example:
. move the configuration of users email from SuiteCRM email client to user preferences (and/or admin panel)
. improve substantially the configuration of campaigns incoming and outgoing email, including IMAP
. add more email configuration options to Workflows

On top of these there are other functionalities that deserve being considered, such as, for example:
. give the possibility to send to all addresses that a contact or account has
. integrate email campaigns with all modules, including, custom modules via configuration options (currently one has to hack the code)

Hi there,

Me too experiencing the same problem. I have installed 5.8 and now I have installed a fresh copy of 7.9.5. Both versions I experienced the same issue.

I am not here to continue complaining about the issue but I hope to provide my findings to allow the developers to look into it and I hope the developer can fix this long lasting issue.

When I setup, with the php-smtp installed on my Centos 7 server, everything went through fine without any issue. When I setup the SMTP for my gmail account, here is what I have found:

  1. I clicked on the “Gmail”, Entered the FROM Name and FROM Address, the SMTP Mail Server, SMTP Port, Use SMTP Authentication and Enable SMTP over SSL or TLS. Then I entered the Username and Password. Followed by “SEND TEST MAIL”. I entered my email ID and click send. It went through without problem and I verified and confirmed I received the test mail in my mail box.

  2. I proceed to Save the settings. Then I went to other tabs and then came back to the Email test by “Admin–>Email Settings”. I repeat the test and I hit the errot “SMTP Error:connect() failed.”.

  3. I then click on the password and re-enter the email password and retry the SEND TEST EMAIL. Bingo, the test mail went through.

  4. I get out of the screen and repeat the SEND TEST EMAIL. I noted that the email will go thru without error if I re-enter the password, . If I don’t re-enter the password, I will hit the error.

  5. I tried on “Choose your Email provider Other” and it behaved the same.

In this simple conclusion, my guess is that SuiteCRM email setting does not save the password entered. Therefore, after the email setup, without the password, all the users will hit the “SMTP Error:connect() failed.” issue.

I hope my feedback help. Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer and I don’t know how this problem could be fixed.

Thank you.