SMTP Error Code 111

We are having problems sending emails from the SuiteCRM email client. We can get emails in the inbox easily without any problems.

According to the logs, the error is consistently as pasted below.

[768393][1][FATAL] SMTP -> ERROR: Failed to connect to server. Code: 111 Reply: Connection refused
[768393][1][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: The following From address failed:

SuiteCRM was installed via Godaddy’s web applications on a subdomain hosted on Godaddy and we have an SSL wildcard installed.

We use GSuite for our emails and we have enforced access to less secure apps.

Mail configuration:

From Name: Admin
From Email:
Use SMTP Authentication: Checked.
Gmail Email Address:
Gmail Password: login credentials for the account
SMTP Port: 587
[b]Enable SMTP over SSL or TLS?: [/b ]TLS

Any help/support would be appreciated.

Did you ever resolve this? I am in the same position now.

Is your SMTP error the same, 111 Connection refused?

Which version of SuiteCRM are you running?

With the “Send test email” button, when configuring account, if the send fails you get a link to see a “Full SMTP Log”. Check that to see if it contains any useful information.

3: Connection: opening to ssl://, timeout=300, options=array (
3: Connection failed. Error #2: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to ssl:// (Connection refused) [/home/vxtt26ks2hu8/public_html/rexcrm/include/phpmailer/class.smtp.php line 298]
1: SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Connection refused (111)
3: SMTP connect() failed.

Same Error

Here is the class.smtp.php line 298 throwing the error.

        $errno = 0;
        $errstr = '';
        if ($streamok) {
            $socket_context = stream_context_create($options);
            set_error_handler(array($this, 'errorHandler'));
            $this->smtp_conn = stream_socket_client(
                $host . ":" . $port,

Suitecrm_version = 7.10.4
Sugar_version = 6.5.25
PHPMailer = 5.2.25
PHP Version = .7.1
Server version: 5.6.39-cll-lve - MySQL

I am not sure if PHP is configured correctly. This is my first major project working with php, other than some light experience with wordpress. I usually work with Java / Python on a much smaller scale.
GoDaddy LAMP

What about this part?