sms logic hook calling all the time when schedular is running

How to stop logic hook to run while scheduler is running because i have integrate the SMS API using LOGIC Hook but its running when my scheduler is working and sending redundant SMS

You can set flag to skip execution if it is from scheduler. something like

$yourobject->skip_logic_hook = true;

In logic hook set something like


Hope it helps.

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thanks for sharing this but i am bit confuse how to identify if scheduler is running i can skip the execution but is there any variable that shows scheduler is running in true false way

The only way to set flag is if your scheduler script is your own script. otherwise you cannot skip. It also create issue, if you save it via api too. then also it will fire the logic hook. I guess you need to find some alternate way to achieve it.

ok… so can you help me out which is the exact file where i can put the scheduler skipping code.

dear team can i get a resolution on this ?