smarty is used?

Hello, everyone,
a question… but is the Smarty template engine still used in SuiteCRM? Because there is not a chapter in the documentation explaining how to use .tpl files

Yes it is, and yes there isn’t any docs on it. (Can you write it? :wink: )

I refer you to this commit where some text is moved from inside a PHP file into a separate .tpl template. This will show you the basic usage of Smarty templates in SuiteCRM:

The rest (conditions, expressions) you can get from Smarty documentation.

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Thanks pgr,
my post was not a criticize :stuck_out_tongue: but I wanted to understand if it was worth trying to study Smarty or if in view of the new release, which I read will use Angular, will be dismissed Smarty.

New modules that use Angular in SuiteCRM 8 won’t use Smarty, but Smarty will still be available, since eradicating it completely from SuiteCRM will take a lot of work.

There will also be a compatibility mode so that users can select to use the old interface (with Smarty) for specific modules.

That’s perfect,
thanks for all the tips B-)