Small web design agency CRM, Gmail, Trello, Ticketing system solution

Hello All,

Currently this is our solution.

  • Gsuite for Google drive/docs
  • Gsuite for Gmail email
  • Google Calendar
  • Hosted vTiger CRM for CRM. Invoices, Quotes, Opportunities, Leads etc - with expensive per user licenses
  • Jira for project management
  • Hangouts for calls, chats etc in our remote team
  • Wave app for Invoicing

We’re finding that there are limitations to all of these tools and we need something to be able to get the internal cogs running a lot smoother. In order for us to do that, we need control over all the code. Here’s what we would like and I hope you might be able to help.

  • Gmail for email but must run through CRM
  • Gsuite for Google docs but must run through CRM
  • Sync invoices and quotes from CRM to WaveApp

Most everything above, I am sure there is some kind of plugin to connect everything and Xapier to connect and sync invoices but by far, the thing we need the most is a Project Management tool that is in Kanban layout.

We’re a small agency, so we work on multiple projects at the same time. What we need is to have a project for each client but in Kanban layout. vTiger does this but it is super slow compared to Trello or to Jira. Jira we moved to because we could create a filter that pulls all the cards into one board so that we can have a broad overview of all our projects but it is a massive tool with a super steep learning curve and their support is super slow.

I would really appreciate any input on this. We have done CRM moves in the past and I know what a nightmare it is. So before we make this move, I’d like to do all the homework before we make the final decision.

Many thanks,

Hi, are you human or a spam bot?

Your post doesn’t mention SuiteCRM anywhere, and since we do get a lot of spam and people marketing other CRM’s, I’d just like to check.

Is this really about moving to SuiteCRM? Thanks.

Human being here. :slight_smile:

Needing to move from vTiger to SuiteCRM

Cool B-) thanks.

I think there is an add-on on the SuiteCRM Store that let’s you do Kanban boards, have you looked?

You can also use GMail from SuiteCRM’s Email Module.

The part about integrating with Google Docs I am not so sure about, maybe there is something in the Store also.

Do you have developers, or are you looking to hire some consulting for this?

Please PM me for any development help needed.

Thank you PGR, I managed to find the Kanban plugin. Will look into it.

Will look into the other extensions too

Hi, there , please PM me or contact at my email

No email yet!!! , I can send , what is yours?

I’d like to be in the loop on this one also please. Been chatting to @pgr about it as well.