Slow after upgrade

Hi All,

I’m just wondering if any one else has experienced a noticeable reduction in responsiveness after after upgrading to 7.9.16 or 7.10.2? I have been running 7.9.12 for happily but just moved my test system to 7.9.16 and logging in, accessing information and general responsiveness has really gone down. I restored back to 7.9.12 which ran fine, then I tried 7.10.2 which gave the same slow responses.

If no one has experienced this, are the previous patches (7.9.13, 14 & 15) available anywhere? I can’t seam to find them with in the download section.


No, we haven’t experienced it, and there is no valid reason why that should happen.

You’ll have to dig deeper and try to see exactly what kind of delay you’re experiencing - server, client? Overload in network, memory, disk, CPU?

Thanks for your response, from what I’ve been able to tell its not server side, CPU, memory & I/O are all OK with no spikes or bottlenecks.

I’ve pulled the older upgrades from sourceforge so I’m going to incremental increase over the next few days so I can test each revision. So far 7.9.13 is running and responding fine.

Try the query at the top of this post :

this will give you some idea of your database table sizes. Some of these tables tend to overgrown, and some of them (reminders, job_queue) sometimes generate performance problem when they’re too big.