Slack workspace for SuiteCRM

Is there a Slack Workspace for Suite CRM that we can join?

some people love Slack. Some find it a time hog…

the lack of response suggests folks here are not in the former camp

What do you feel would be the benefit over this forum?

There is this

First of all, Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question.

I am sure there are others out there like myself that are actively learning and working on SuiteCRM.

I think it would be great to have a chat group that you could ask a question and get responses in real-time with others working and developing in Suite CRM. As you know, asking questions in the forums takes time. It can take days, weeks or maybe even never get an answer to your question. Most of the questions I have asked I have either figured out on my own after spending days and weeks of testing or have never been answered yet. Many of the questions I have had, others have already asked with no responses going back several years. If there was a chat room then one could ask questions and hopefully get responses very quickly. Not all the time, but maybe with in a few hours. I am a member of another slack workspace (No body on there uses SuiteCRM) and questions are asked almost daily with programming questions and many times their questions are resolved within a few hours.

If Slack is not the place that others would want to chat on, where would others prefer to chat on?

Side Note: Many of the links on the Forums that point to SugarCRM’s website appear to be dead ends. And since Suite CRM is community based I am never quite sure that what is on SugarCRM’s site applies to the current version in Suite CRM. If anyone has any suggestions on this I would love to hear.