Skype URL In Contact Field

A majority of my users use Skype chat to contact some of their clients. Is there away to have a field that contracts the Skype URL so that a chat can be opened via one click

the format of the url is


ideally the user would just add the username and suite would appended and prepend the correct info


Suitecrm 7.11.6

In Admin / System settings, you will find an option called “Enable click-to-call for phone numbers” which you can turn on.

It has a help comment there saying that

Note that this will produce “tel:” URI’s, not “Skype:” ones. But you should be able to configure your WIndows (or other OS) to direct those standard tel: URIs to SkypeOut.

More information here if you find you need to customize the code:

Thank you for this. We already have Click to Call turned on and users use this to open their soft client. What im ideally looking for is a way to for users to open a skype messaging/chat instance

Are you a developer, or do you have one working with you?

You could come up with a new sort of SugarField and make it construct the exact links you require.

Here is an example of how to add a new SugarField type, you could copy from that and adjust for your requirements:

And then you could share it with the Community! Thanks.