Site URL not changing

Hi everyone,

So I just got everything installed successfully for the first time but after looking the site over, I’m still unable to find the answer to this one.

All I’m trying to do is remove the /crm (the name I gave to the suitecrm folder) at the end of the URL and just put the CRM itself in the root directory. Or if not moving it there directly, at least modifying the URL so that it works without the /crm. I suppose I can create an account-level redirect in my cpanel but that seems a bit unnecessary to me. If I’m understanding correctly, the site URL can be modified within the config.php file. I’ve tried this by itself along with moving all of the files out of the subfolder into the root directory and renaming the old folder but it doesn’t work.

I know this is more of a hosting issue but surely a few of you have wanted to do this and have some experience, right? Would be greatly appreciated to share that.

Can you check your .htaccess file and inspect the RewriteBase line for this issue

I actually already did a fresh install in the root directory successfully, but before I did the RewriteBase was /crm. I just turned the rewrite engine off, which was probably incorrect.

Another issue that I noticed was that the folder contents with the updated 775 file permissions weren’t applying the permissions proactively to new file contents. After completing the installation, I had to reapply permissions to the cache folder to get CSS rendering properly. This is also the second time this has happened. Is this a known issue? It just worries me that new folder contents not inheriting the parent permissions will cause issues in the future.

That could be because of

  • the parent directory permissions (check SetUID and SetGID bits),

  • the settings in config.php, default_permissions array

  • make sure you don’t have your cron jobs running under a different username, this would potentially mess up the ownerships in the cache file every minute

Thanks for the answer.

I never selected anything relating to the cron jobs, so not sure how they would have gotten changed:

global $current_user;
$current_user = BeanFactory::newBean(‘Users’);

I assume this is correct?

My default permissions in config.php read:

‘default_permissions’ =>
array (
‘dir_mode’ => 1528,
‘file_mode’ => 493,
‘user’ => ‘’,
‘group’ => ‘’,

I don’t have root access to my server and don’t really understand how the ownership is set up with GoDaddy ( I can’t run any sudo command or reference the default user) so I tried setting up permissions two ways with the same results (each on a clean installation):

I manually set the permissions through FTP recursively.
I ran chmod commands for each folder but without running any chown command first.

I haven’t had any other issues with it and all of the folders seem to have the correct permissions now but cache permissions needed to be reset at least once for some reason. Just making sure it won’t be causing any issues going forward.