Single SysAdmin User Cant Access Leads Module

one of my sys admin users cannot access the leads module. Every other module is accessible, and no other issues are occurring for any other of my many users (regular and sys)

When this one particular sysadmin goes to access the leads module, she gets the following error

“There was an error processing your request, please try again at a later time. If this error persists, please have your administrator disable Ajax for this module”

This is very strange, and the people on a reddit form were not able to solve. Any suggestions from anyone here?

Suitecrm version = 7.11.6

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

You need to gather more information about the issue:

Can other users access the leads module correctly? If so, I would suspect a corrupt view filter, which you can fix by following this tip (change the URL to fit the Leads module):