Simplify Campaigns for Outbound Dialing Sessions?

I cold call for a living. Creating a campaign in SuiteCRM is kind of a pain in the @$$. I have to create target lists and then add the lists to campaigns. Is there a way to circumvent that entire process, select several contacts in the system that meet certain criteria, then add them to a campaign and, from there, start dialing down the campaign? I would do it click-to-dial if I could get it to that simple process, but we’re stuck using the system to create campaigns as is, and it’s clunky. As I said before, it would be great to cut out the target stuff and create campaigns for what they are; email, telesales, etc. Does anyone have any ideas on how to simplify this otherwise arduous process? Thank you!

I think there is a feature like that form the Reports module.

You can create a Report with the criteria you want, and somewhere on the resulting list there should be a button like “add to target list”.