Simple workflow on modified records

I’m trying to create a simple workflow that sends an email when a record is modified in my custom module but it only fires on new records and no errors in the logs. What am I doing wrong? See attached. Running on 7.2.1.

You have no conditions in your work flow.

I believe you need to have at least one condition for it to check against.

  1. Edit “Run On” so it is triggers with “Modified Records” instead of “New Records”

  2. In the “Condition” section add at least one condition field and add the “Any Change” field.

If you do not have a condition to check for it will never trigger your event. (send the email)

  1. I already have it set to “Modified Records”. That’s why I find it odd that it’s triggered on a new record. Maybe it’s a bug.

  2. This is what I was trying to avoid because I was in the SuiteCRM developer class on Wednesday and if you use “Any Change” in a condition, you must check on “Repeated Runs”. And apparently that is not good for performance. It seems like I have no choice though because I did create one with “Any Change” on “Date Modified” (the only field guaranteed to change on an edit) and it did work. I don’t think conditions are required because it does let you save a workflow record without any.

ya me too.

I got confused with the technical issues at the very beginning

I was hoping they would send out a “overview” to the people that suffered through the technical issues.

I do not think that you have to put “repeated runs” and “On Any Change” together

I heard the same thing about the performance issue but wasn’t quite clear on what they were talking about.

Hopefully someone from sales agility can clarify here?

It looks like “repeated runs” and “On Any Change” need to be together because my workflow does not work with “repeated runs” checked off.

I think a proper guide needs to be written about workflows. I have so many questions I don’t even know where to start.

On a completely unrelated note, based off your post about the two taxes in the quotes module, I assume you’re from Canada (as am I). There doesn’t seem to be a way to send pm’s so I’d like to get in contact with you outside of the forum if possible. You can reach me at staganyi at doverco dot com