*sigh* Upgrading from .17 to .18 Borked email templates

I had it working so been ignoring all the update notices, but for some reason, I thought I’d upgrade to .18.

I used the pre patcher and then the update.

Now the email’s body field is super wide and the template functions don’t work anymore (they were fine before. After selecting the email template nothing is put into the email fields at all

Did all the repairs, fixed the permissions vis the terminal.

It sure would be nice to upgrade and not have to spend hours getting SuiteCRM back to working order.

I guess it’s time to move to Zoho as this is taking far too much time and the same issues are happening that happened years before this.

I’m so sorry to hear about your issues. I know the feeling; I’ve been using open source projects that have similar issues for ~15 years.

I remember CMS systems in their infancy that caused massive headaches when attempting to upgrade; like on an epic scale.

I would also like to raise some issues I have with email template handling; I think there is a sanitise html/code that ‘borks’ my email templates too.

As for your update experience, I hope you had made a backup. Seems I’m unsure if you resolved your issue with the body field and template functions, did you resolve it?

I’ve been editing my templates in the database directly recently as of my previously mentioned issue; perhaps you should restore a backup of the template DB entry to see if that helps?

About the Templates, I think this is what you need:

About the upgrades and troubles, it’s really a great idea in 2020 to containerize or virtualize. I always run upgrades in clones first. It’s so easy to check things, go back, try again.


Well, I’ve been involved with open source for about the same time and I’ve never come across a package so prone to breaking with minor updates.

Not in this day and age.

I think there is something fundamentally broken for this to be so fragile.

I would never recommend to SuiteCRM to anyone - it’s just too buggy, which is sad.

You shouldn’t have to risk your business from doing a .0. upgrade.

I have participated on open soure projects all my life. I wish I could say I found the perfect project. Unfortunately all of them have their weak spots. I’m sure you’ll find issues on other software as soon as you start migrating.

I have implemented and customized SuiteCRM for business of any size and industry and customers are happy.
We, as system administrators, need to take responsibility on the way we manage upgrades. I’ll recommend you to always have a test environment. It’s good to test new versions and to test your changes before rolling them to production.