Showing related Sub-panels under the record

I am using v7.4.3. When I create a Lead (or any other record) I can see and edit other related sub-panels under the record in detailed view.
But my manager can not see the sub-panels in detailed view of any record.

Is there the possibility that anyone who has access to the detailed view of a record would be able to see all related sub-panels of the record (specially activities and history)?

If you go into admin then user management and click your manager’s user does he/she have any security groups or roles assigned to him? If they don’t have access to a module then the related sub panel wont show. For example if their security group or role disabled access to events then the events subpanel wouldn’t display.

The manager user type is System Administrator. He has ALL the access possible.
But I upgraded to 7.5.3 and the problem is now gone. Thank you for your help.