Showing Holidays or Days off-work on Calendar

I know there isn’t an integrated way to show holidays on the Calendar, but have any of you guys handled it with the available features? I’m just looking for a way to show everyone in the team that the person is busy from this date to that date.

To be able to apply logic would be a matter of maybe writing some “before_save” code when trying to schedule on a “Meeting” of the type “Holiday” or something like that. However I’m not really looking to apply that unless we start using automatic scheduling.

So have you improvised a way into doing this? And how?


Now, I had an idea of adding a field to the module “Meeting” to know that it’s a Holiday. Then, in “after_save” invite everyone on the team.

Hi @JustAnotherMan,

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When creating a meeting when you add users you will see their schedule for the specified time. If their holidays are marked in the system surely this would be sufficient?