Show the contacts by default from the account page view

Hi, when I open the pageview of an Account, everytime I have to manually check if there are soem contacts linked to it, and it amke me to do errors and loose time. Is there a way to open by defautl the tab of the contacts or at least to shwo the number of contacts linked to the opened Account?

In Studio -> Accounts -> Layout -> DetailView

You have option :


Thanks, it works with the fields of the accounts, but I don’t find this optionIn Studio -> Accounts -> Layout -> DetailView
for the Contacts or other content types like:activities, history, documents,opportunities, campaigns,leads,member organizations, cases,quotes,invoices,products and services purchased,contracts,bugs,projects,security groups.

Hello, you found how to see How to view activities, history and contacts from the account?

I upraded from 7.8.2 to 7.8.3 but this feature is not yet being added, also I checked and I was not suggesting it as a new feature, and I checked the suite crm 7.9 demo: and this feature is missing in it too and the roadmap is not enoguh detialed to know if it is planned for the future or not: so then I decided to add this feature request to the forum of the developers: