Show the assigned security group in the account as field in detail view and/or list view

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is it possible to add a field in the layout of detail and list view of the account page, that is showing the accounts assigned security group on first view?
I would be happy for any idea how to manage this, we always need to scroll down to the bottom, to check which group is assigned to the account.

My idea is to add LBL_SECURITYGROUPS as field to the detail/list view, but how do I set the correct parameters like “data type”?

Are you a PHP developer?

You can create a custom field in Studio, and add it to the Detail view. Then you can override the view class to change the value when it is about to be displayed, and put there the information you need.

Here an example, not exactly what you need, but it could be enough to get you started:

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SuiteCRM by default created many-to-many relationships between Accounts and Security Groups.

If the relationship type is many, then the module will show in the subpanel of the related module detail page.

You can shift the “Security Group” subpanel from bottom to top using the drag and drop functionality of SuiteCRM.

Thank You!

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Thank you very much! Both of you!

I am no developer - I am just the admin of my own CRM and a self-taught :whistle: