Show/Select Timezones

Hello all,

New to SuiteCRM and LOVING the functions.

One thing that I am having some troubles with is time zones. I understand that you can select your timezone in preferences, but can you select the timezone while editing a module?

We are a nation-wide company that staffs jobs all over the place. In doing so, we input a lot of different timezones and manually calculating what time it would be in each area is time-consuming and open for a lot of accidental entry error.

Is there a way to enable the selection of the time zone in the editor and then displaying that timezone alongside the time in the detail view?

Thanks so much!

Here are examples of what I am attempting to accomplish.

I have found a lot of SugarCRM documentation, but unfortunately, it won’t work for this kind of thing.

Thanks for any help!

I attempted to edit the .tpl file and that isnt working either. Any advice or plugins available?