Show related module fields in other module

Hello good afternoon. We have a SuiteCRM 7.11.8 where we have contacts related to products. Relationships can be viewed from each of both modules. What we need to do is show the related products of a contact as fields of the contact’s file, not being necessary to go to where the related module is and have to open it. Is this possible?. Thank you.


Hi, what kind of relationship did you create between contacts and products? one-to many? many-to-one? many-to-many?

In case one-to many and many-to-many, you should see a subpanel with products in the contacts module. Many-to-one doesn’t make sense to me, because a contact then could only refer to a single product.

Can you make a screenshot of your contacts view?

You can’t do it because in SuiteCRM broken field type “collection”. But you can take commits files for upgrade from: . There is repair this field type. After that you can add dynamic fields table from one module to any another module.

Hello Janisero, thanks for your reply. I created you 3 screen captures.
At screencapture1 you can see the Contact details with many custom fields I created.
At screencapture2 you can see the products related module to Contacts.
My goal is to show fields from related product at Contact details. It’s to say, I need to show a field like “CÓDIGO FARMACIA” that belongs to product module, at a field inside Contact details (screencapture1).

The other goal is: when I need to add a new related product to contact, I click on select and appears a screen like screencapture3. I need to show fields from contact in the search result grid. Now at result grid only appears fields from products, but I need to show data from related contacts of each product.

Do you know if I can do that anyway?.

Thanks a lot for your help.