Show phone and email field from contacts module in the list view of the calls module

Hi, I am trying to show the phone and email field in the list view of calls module. is there a way I can make a relationship in between the fields?

Go to Admin > Studio

Hi chris, I dont think there is option to show fields from one module in another modules list view. If it is there can you show me?

I want show modules from contacts like phone and email field in the Calls module so Please help me with that

SuiteCRM allows creating calculated fields using custom code. These fields can access related modules, in your case, the Contacts module.

You could define a calculated field in the Calls module that uses functions like $bean->getRelatedField('contact_id', 'phone_home') to retrieve the Contact’s phone number from the linked Contact record. Replace ‘phone_home’ with the desired Contact phone field name.

Important Note: Calculated fields requires SuiteCRM development knowledge and custom code modifications.

If you’re interested in exploring these options, it’s recommended to consult a SuiteCRM developer who can guide you through the specific code implementation based on your needs.

Good to read this: :+1: :fire: :bulb: :smiling_face:

Thank you for your reply. Can you guide in which file I need to put this code? And what are the files need to be changed.

Example code of calculated field in Contacts Listview. As an exercise, you can adapt this example to your Calls Listview.

Still, I am having a hard time understanding this.

Let me make this simple.

We have a Contacts Module. we have two fields inside the contacts module i.e. office phone and primary email.

I want to show these two fields in the List view of the Calls module. so whenever I go to the calls module I should be able to see the phone number of the contacts and email id too.

Please help me with that.

If you will read the post above, it will help you with example code to add fields from another module, Contacts phone number and email id, into your Calls Listview…

Ok, Chris. I will try it and let you know.

Hi Chris, I have tried this. It’s just showing an error while opening the call module. Please help with that and it will help others also.