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Show Only Products Contact has ordered as a SubPanel under Accounts

Hi all, and I hope I have posted this under the right Forum Section.

We are exploring using SuiteCRM and I am learning the system as I go.

I’ve been asked to show Services that a Contact has ordered ina subpanel under Accounts.

This is the configuration (please don’t tell me about theQuote/Invoice/order process, this is what I’ve been asked to do).

  • We are looking at setting up historical data (past Services ordered).
  • Services our company has offered in the past has been imported into Products as Services.
  • A One-to-Many relationship between Contacts and Products has been created. This shows as the
  • Contacts subpanel under Accounts for which the View have configured shows the Contact Name and the Service they have ordered.

Without having to do the same relationship under Accounts to Products and having to add the Service to the Account manually, I want to show just the Service that the Contact has ordered under a subpanel called Services.

What is the best way to do this (and if possible provide step-by-step instructions on how to do this?

Again, this is how the Organisation wants it.