Show maintenance popup to every user SuiteCRM 7.11.8

I am dealing with one scenario when I raise one flag then every SuiteCRM user try to access then it will show maintenance popup When i remove that flag it will continue SuiteCRM functionality. is that possible?

Thanks in Advance.

Because there are multiple entry points into suiteCRM, it is not easy to do this.

Altering the index.php to recognise a flag to print a maintenance page would potentially work to a limited extent, but there are other entry points that exist such as vcal_server.php etc. Digging through the code suggests that ./include/entryPoint.php might be the correct location for a code modification for this? If you’re doing maintenance within the suiteCRM instance, then you’d need to be a bit more sophisticated with making sure that perhaps the admin users can still access functions?

However, this doesn’t used for some of the API functionality, or some of the services functions.

I guess this begs the question as to what level of maintenance you are doing? You could change the apache/nginx/other webserver to point to a different root directory if you are messing with the database?

If messing with the servers themselves, you can reduce the DNS time to live down to the minimum that your provider allows (600 seconds?), and then point the DNS at a different server.

I guess we ought to ask - What sort of maintenance are you trying to do?

Thank you for your reply