Show Full Names not working


I want to show the username of users instead of their full name.

I found an option “Show Full Names” on “System Settings” but doesn’t matter If the option is selected or not, I don’t notice any difference.

Does anyone know why this option “Show Full Names” don’t work?

Best Regards,
Daniel Dias

I just recently upgraded our old SugarCRM installation to version 7.10.14 SuiteCRM.

One user came to me the other day and wanted to see the Full Name versus the user-id so I assisted him in finding the setting on the User Profile -> Advanced tab. We checked the ‘Show Full Names’ checkbox. Today he noticed it was unchecked again because it flipped back to user-ids.

I have read that it only is applicable to new users but I did verify the ‘Show Full Names’ on the Admin -> System Settings was also checked.

Has anyone seen the User Profile box being unchecked and, if so, what could be causing this besides user interaction?

I think you’re probably being hit by a more generic bug which is that user profile settings aren’t saving, for some people, in that version. This should already be fixed in the newer versions.