Show Fatal crash error to Admin user directly in well formatted browser web page

Suite PHP Fatal crash errors should not be silent for Admin users. Admins shouldn’t have to work at going hunting in the logs for them. When the logged in user is an Admin user, Suite should print these FATAL crash errors on the browser page, in a nice full page layout, with stack trace and the source code line. This makes life easier, as it’s faster to get to fixing these fatal crash errors.

Yes, we need this! :bulb:

I agree, this would be useful.
+1 for this feature

My (very old, unmerged) Diagnostics PR already captures most of what goes to php_errors.log and consolidates it into suitecrm.log. There are only some edge cases where PHP doesn’t pass messages to my handlers (because it can’t).

From there, it would quite easy to divert some errors as notifications to admins.

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completely missed that button @rsp cheers