Show different subpanels under different tabs of detail view,

Can anyone point in the right direction to show different subpanels on different tabs?

Different subpanels are relevant to different parts of the main record which are on separate tabs and I want to simplify the screen. Currently all subpanels show ender all tabs.



You can enable subpanel tabs in the users settings, and then filter which subpanels are shown on using module menu filters.

Or do you mean you want to change subpanel tabs when the main records tabs are changed?


A contrived example would be the Account module with tabbed panels. When I show the Overview tab, I’d like to see only the Activities and History subpanels and when I click More Information tab, I want to hide Activities & History but show Contact and Documents instead.

In fact, these are custom modules but the principle is the same.

I hope that makes sense.

I didn’t know about tabbed subpanels so tabbed panels and tabbed subpanel nearly does it. Perhaps some JavaScript that responds to a click on the main record tabs and then ‘clicks’ onto the subpanel tabs?

Another approach might be to incorporate a list element into the appropriate tabbed panel. I’m then left with a non-standard editing problem.

Aarggh. I’m running out of ideas.

you can try using this…