Show contact field in Add/Edit calls just like Notes

How can we show Contact field in Add/Edit calls page just like its shown on Add/Edit Notes page.

I checked the table fields & relationships in studio and both seem to be identical.

But still, the contact field is not shown on Calls edit layout while its visible on Notes edit layout.

Note: On list calls layout, contact field is shown. It’s the edit layout where the field is missing.

Please advice. Thanks in advance.

Can someone help please?

I wonder if you are new to the SuiteCRM interface? the Calls view and Notes view are slightly different; in the way they handle contacts.

In Calls - the people you add show in sub-panels. And so you can add 1 or more people.

But in Notes -there is just 1 field, in the form at the top ‘Contact’ .

If you want to play in a sandbox - maybe get a login to the demo site: see the page footer at -under the heading ‘Community’ - look for Login; and then Demo.