Show charts on dashboard

I can not figure out how to show a charts in the Dashboard from one of my reports that I have created.

In Reports I have created a new report including a charts. I would like this charts to be shown in the dashboard (report Dashlet).
I can get the report itself to be shown, but not the charts. When I tick in “Only show chart”, the chart is not displayed… But the report I made includes a chart at the end of the report.
Can some one please help me?

I’m Also interested in this issue, I cannot get the charts to show on the Dashboard page. They display fine in the reports page, but nothing shows in the Dashboard


thx for this topic.
I also have a similar issue.

Any update on your side ?


Was looking for an answer to this same problem and stumbled onto the solution. It’s easy, but not obvious, and this worked for me. You just have to select a report that has at least one chart in it.

See the attached pic.

Add a dashlet under “Modules”, “Reports”

Edit the report selection (1 on the pic)
Enter or choose an existing report (2 on the pic)
If there are charts in the report, they’ll be in the list. Select one. (3 on the pic)

Save your selection and the chart will show in the dashlet.

Oh, and one more point: Check “Only Show Charts” if you want just the chart portion of the report. Otherwise, the text AND chart are shown. This check box has nothing to do with selecting reports with charts – it’s effective only after you’ve selected a report.

Saved my day.
This issue still exists in version 7.11.15
The statistics table was seen in dashlet, but chart was not shown.
I was forced to create 2 charts for one report, despite I needed only one chart, to be able to choose one of 2.
Only than the chart showed up.

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