show all contact of all the account of the assigned user

Hi to all, first of all sorry for the title, is hard to explain my intent with a title. My problem is “simple”. When a commercial log in(with commercial role, so he can see only HIS accounts), and click on contacts, i want to show him all the contact assigned to his account. Because sometime contacts of an account are made by different commercial, but the account is assigned to only one of the, and i want he could see all the contact for his accounts. There is a way to do that?

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Hello. Yes you can. It requires setting up Security Groups and Roles. Below is the steps I took to replicate the scenario above.

  1. Create a Role that allows users to ‘View’ Accounts By ‘Owner’ and ‘View’ Contacts By ‘Group’.
  2. Create A Security Group per User (i.e. com1, com2).
  3. Navigate to each User and assign them their unique Security Group and optionally set it as their primary group
    4.Check the Security Group Management to ensure that:
  • Inherit from Created By User = true
  • Inherit from Parent Record = true (very important)
  • Inherit from Assigned To User = true

Thats it!

Now, log in as user 1 (Sally) create an Account and after save her Security Group (SG) will be added. Then create a contact as Sally and again after save her SG will be added to that Contact.
Next log in as user 2 (Sarah) . She can not view details on Sallys Accounts but she can create a Contact and link Sallys Account to it. On Save Sarah can access and view this Contact (as she is the owner) but still can not ‘view’ the Account.

Hope that makes sense.

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Thank you for the info, i think i get it how to do, but, if i have already imported account and contact, i have to manually assign the security group to all the contact and account, right?

Yes you would need to update the records.

However you could Mass Update via the listview but having a filter of that particular Assigned User (which would be easy for the Accounts scenario). But regards to the Contacts that would be tricky as it doesn’t back date and the assignment of Security Groups only happens upon creation.

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