Sheduled reports. Change html parameters of email

Email with reports have a bad readability. Table too much compact.
Is it possible to change something in class of html code?

I don’t know, but you can try changing it in the Reports on-screen first. Then if it works, check if that gets carried over to the scheduled (and emailed) reports.

You can use your browser’s inspector window to see which styles to edit, and search a million posts here detailing how to edit CSS in SuiteCRM.

This might be a good place to start to learn about subthemes and SASS compilation,

but it’s not a good place to start in the sense that it changes things in a way that is not upgrade-safe. It should just change things in the custom directory.

Reports and mail with reports it is not the same, I think. They have different html code.

I have in mail this code

<body><h1>NAME_REPOT</h1><H3></H3><table class='list aor_reports' id='report_table_XXXXXX' width='100%' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0'

I will try to find this two parameters

If change it to 5 or 10, it will be much better. I will search.

I found a solution. I hope I nothing broke

Width table
in file modules/Schedulers/_AddJobsHere.php

            font-family: "Lucida Sans Unicode", "Lucida Grande", Sans-Serif;font-size: 12px;
            background: #fff;margin: 45px;width: 480px;border-collapse: collapse;text-align: left;


width: 480px;

Distance between cells

in file modules/AOR_Reports/AOR_Report.php

$html = "<table class='list aor_reports' id='report_table_" . $tableIdentifier . "' width='100%' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' border='0' repeat_header='1'>";




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