Shared calendar permissions

Hi, I’m new to suitecrm and I’m facing the following problem:

I’d like to know how to control the permissions on the shared calendar.

Here’s an example.

I have a group called Western representatives and they have the sales people and sales manager’s.

I want the sales people to be able to see each other’s calendars but not the sales manager’s.

The sales manager’s can see the sales people calendars.

The only thing I’ve managed to do is restrict the calendar shared with users in the same group.

I hope you can help me.

thanks so much.

Welcome @sefirot127!

By configuring hierarchy (field Reports to) on Users’ records the data will be properly displayed baased on who is viewing.
I mean:
A sales manager is able to see all calendar from theirs subordinates (sales people), but a sales person can not see calendar from anyone else unless they share the same Group.


if i understood correctly, the sales people should not be in the same group as the sales manager and in the field report to of the sales people account configuration we select the sales manager.

With this configuration, the salespeople will only be able to see the calendars of the other salespeople in the same group and the sales manager will only be able to see the salespeople’s calendars.

I just tried this configuration and the following happens

the head of sales can only see his own calendar.

Salespeople can only see the calendars of users in the same group

I can’t get it to work. What am I doing wrong?

thank you very much for your help andopes.

  1. Make sure you updated the reports_to field for all users according to your Organization Chart
  2. Make sure all sales people share the very same group


Still doesn’t work for me.

I’ll show you my settings and the result:

Sales Manager:

Sales people:

security suite settings:

Where am I failing?

many thanks

Can anyone help me?