Shared Calendar Permissions - Seeing all users

I’ve spent a lot of time searching on this one, and I haven’t been able to find a good answer yet. I am having some trouble restricting users from seeing everyone’s shared calendars. Every user in my CRM has access to view all users’ calendars. We haven’t really been using the calendars until now, so it wasn’t noticed. Other permission based items are working fine, as are security groups. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Currently running 7.10.24. Thanks!


Any help would be appreciated

You should work with Roles and Security Management Groups, we have Dealers and Sub-Dealers and they do not see other shared calendars

Would you mind giving an example of how you have your roles and Security Management Groups set up for this? I’ve been through a ton of permutations trying to restrict access and can’t seem to find any success. Thanks!

In security management You have to create groups, every group can have different access policies with Roles function.

There is also another thing You can check in security suite settings which is this flag:

Filter User List

|If a user is a member of several groups only the respective rights from the group assigned to the current record are used.|Non-admin users can only assign to users in the same group(s)|

Spend some time reading about groups and roles, It seems difficoult but as soon as You get it, it will help You a lot

Hope this helps