Shared Calendar - Everyone or selected users in one calendar view

Is it possible to:

1.Change shared calendar view to Monthly instead of Weekly
2.Include everyone or selected people into one calendar view. I know it’s not efficient if we had a lot of employees but we only have 20 employees.

We have a small company(20) and it would be nice to see all events for everyone in a monthly calendar view. SharePoint Calendar does it this way and it works for us very well. It’d be nice to get rid of sharepoint and just use suitecrm as our calendaring solution.

The calendar module already does both those things. Are you just looking at the dashlet in the Home screen?

Look under the all tab and select the calendar.

Perhaps this a new tab/feature in the latest Suite Edition? We are currently using v7.0.1 and I don’t see an ALL tab which you reference. Is it located within the Calendar module? Thanks.