Share your thoughts! SuiteCRM Community Survey Summer 2021

Hello hello everyone! :sun_with_face:

It’s fantastic to return (from maternity leave) to the SuiteCRM community manager role and get in touch with so many of the members here whilst meeting new ones :wave: If I haven’t yet had the pleasure of responding to you directly hopefully that will be rectified in the future.

It’s another wonderful Summer and exciting things are coming for the community, including SuiteCRM 8. So what a great time to reach out and ask all of you to share your opinions and provide your insights on how you feel the community is functioning, what you enjoy and what you feel needs to be improved. SuiteCRM needs it’s community and the community needs the ability to voice itself to be happy and healthy. One way to facilitate this communication is to have an open community survey!

And so, we are happy to launch the SuiteCRM Community Survey. This survey will be aimed at exploring the views and experiences of our SuiteCRM community members when interacting with the project, its teams and other members.

SuiteCRM Community Survey Summer 2021 :tada:

The results gathered will help the community team to further improve the community platforms for a more enriching experience, strengthen upon what is important to our members and discover pain points that affect members from contributing or collaborating.

What’s more, as part of our continuous commitment to open source, we will pledge £250 to the most nominated open source collective identified by our community members. Check out a full list of awesome open source collectives available on open collective.

The survey will be opened until 31st August 2021 so we encourage as many members to share their thoughts to help us make the community better for everyone. Results will be made public along with proposed actions, based on the analyses of feedback, as well as the open source collective that will be awarded.

The community is the very foundation of SuiteCRM so we would greatly appreciate it if y’all took a couple of minutes to participate and help support open source!

A big thank you from the community team.

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