Setting Up Multiple Organizations

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We have multiple group organization .If I create account and contact for one organization on the user should view only their restricted their group account ,contact …etc and rest of the records should not viewed like my account or group account or other group records should be disable.

Admin should have only privilege all the records .

This scenario can be done in siebel or SAP or salesforce .Please let me know similar features can done in suitecrm

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When user login ,needs to view to their particular group or organization records like My Account or Group Account/Contact …etc and for other group records should be restricted under the user

yes you can create a structure for separated groups, with user that can see more than one group, and a hierarchy with different authorization and multiple user.

There are some exemple in the net and i think also there are some similar topic in the forum.

There is a very nice tutorial here:

A typical hierarchy setup

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