Setting Up Inbound eMail

I am trying to get up SuiteCRM so that it will suck in any eMail sent to a particular eMail account on my eMail server. I have on the setup screen the following in red: " Inbound Email cannot function without the IMAP c-client libraries enabled/compiled with the PHP module. Please contact your administrator to resolve this issue. " Can not seem to figure out how to resolve this and move forward.

Hi there,

You need to install IMAP on your server. What is your server setup/OS?



The SuiteCRM and eMail server are running on different servers. The SuiteCRM is on ubuntu and the eMail is on Centos. Both are up to date. I have iMAP on the eMail server now. I am assuming I have to install it on the ubuntu server also.

P.S. sorry for the delay, called pulled away. Now on this for the next couple months :slight_smile:

Not sure what I did but I got it working now. Can get some eMails in.

Sounds good! With your error, it would suggest the IMAP module wasn’t installed or was incorrectly configured. Please let us know if you run into further issues.



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Will not sure if you can shed any light on another eMail issue. Has to do with self-signed certificates. Just so you know also running osTicket on the same server and it is working no problem.

Here is the other thread: