Setting up Email

I am evaluating SuiteCRM as a potential platform, but I cannot seem to get email in or out working. No matter which account I try, I get errors. On incoming, the page hangs and I get a timeout, then have to log in to Suite from scratch. For outgoing, I get the following error: Error:SMTP connect() failed.

Please help. I am very keen to start configuring the environment, but it is pointless if I cannot mail working.

I have managed to get my instance working quite nicely, apart from the “Error:SMTP connect() failed” issue. From reading various resources including, it appears as if the appropriate PHPMailer resources are not called upon causing the issue - which appears to be a timeout. Please will someone let me know if there is a workaround, or which was the last stable version where mail is working?

Take a look at
Possibly your issue is the as I was experiencing.